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Find time to work on what’s important

Make sure you take the time to focus on what is important. It’s easy to sit back and let life come to you, but the only way you will design the life you want to

Improve form conversions automatically

I was just reading a very interesting case study so I thought I would share.  How Mention improved conversion rates 54% with Clearbit API In short, Mention implemented the Clearbit API to auto finish form

Control the Where

Recently, I was looking at buying a business that sold subscription boxes. If you don’t know what subscription box is… Take a look at In order to understand the market and opportunity I looked at

Do your actions matter?

I get that you’re busy. Working hard generating activity for your business. Busy doesn’t mean it matters. Busy doesn’t drive revenue. Busy doesn’t drive customer satisfaction. You might be busy but you really need to